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As of January 2023, this website is no longer updated. Please check out our new website for the latest information:

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As the first independent European Feminist Think Tank, Gender 5+ is committed to European integration and a future built on gender equality, peace, respect for human rights and sustainability.

We believe that the world, and Europe in particular, must use a gender lens in order to find better and more sustainable solutions to address the big challenges of our societies. We analyze environmental, economic, social and media policies from a feminist perspective, with concerns for human development, care and solidarity. Our ultimate objective is to promote women’s rights and gender democracy from a feminist viewpoint, contributing a feminist vision to the process of transformation of society and European integration.

We ask how specific policies impact women and men differently, and whether these differences are taken into account in all areas of life. Is there equal treatment? And if not, what needs to be done to ensure equality? We also try to tackle some of the most entrenched problems that women face, such as violence, the gender gap in equal pay and pensions as well as the stereotyping of women in the media. We reach out and build alliances with women, networks, research institutes, and European institutions such as the European Parliament in order to carve out that space which is necessary for developing creative and respectful solutions.

Gender 5+ supports innovative feminist research as well as roundtable discussions between relevant stakeholders and European and national decision-makers. One such roundtable will look at the eradication of violence against women (see Activities) in the European Union. Other roundtables will tackle macroeconomic politics from a feminist perspective.



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Check out where your country stands on gender equality with the European Gender Equality Index


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