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Gender & Brexit: come to our round table on 22 March

Genderfiveplus (G5+), the first European Feminist Think Tank, is pleased to invite you for a discussion about Women and Brexit at the Europe House in London on the 22nd of March 2018 from 12:00 to 14:00.

The EU has been a significant player for the promotion of gender equality in Europe. In the UK, too, women have benefited from European legislation as well as specific EU funding opportunities. The promotion of equal pay for work of equal value, the prohibition of discrimination on grounds of sex, and the guarantee of a minimum of maternity leave are some examples of where the EU has made a difference for millions of women. Moreover, around 6 billion Euros in 2019 have been allocated by the European Union to research, actions and programs, earmarked to close the gender pay gap, address female poverty or fighting violence against women.

Will this be all lost to British women once the UK has left the Union? Could equality legislation be rolled back and will young female researchers be prevented from partaking in the funding of studies in support of gender equality? Why are there almost no – just one – women in the Brexit negotiations and what could be done to safeguard the existing equality legislation?

While it is still too early to understand all the ramifications of Brexit for women in the UK, there is still time to address the current negotiations and address the specific needs and demands of women.

These are some of the questions that will be addressed at a special event, organized by Genderfiveplus and co hosted by the European Parliament liaison office in London. A G5+ report on women’s specific concerns with Brexit will be presented by its author, Alice Chilcott. Mary Honeyball MEP , Gloria Mills for the TUC and two renowned gender experts Jill Rubery and Roberta Guerrina, who will then open the discussion before a general debate with the audience.

Please register here.


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